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“YTK hails from East Baltimore, MD. He started rapping at the age of 9, started producing in the 9th grade, and has always been a creator. The 19 year old rapper has potential, drive, and a creative spirit. He reminds me of a Jaden Smith meets Earl Sweatshirt, with a little bit of J. Cole in him on the production side. Following the release of his album, *REDACTED*, it’s apparent that he will not stop. And by clues on his twitter, is working on his next project right now as you read this.

The lyrics that are in his songs from *REDACTED* shows his mindset. He’s really into philosophy and art. Although it seems as if he's always growing and changing, I see that he has always been really into the arts, and believes that everyone is an art form, so with this confirmation it adds an inclusiveness to his lyrics. It’s like although he’s a cool guy, he still is genuine and people will be able to relate and like him. His engineering is definitely something that is used in *REDACTED*, with his voices that I think will develop later in his career. In *REDACTED* he shows that he is a real rapper with real capabilities, he uses alliteration which is harder than it sounds to do, he also can tell stories; on the song *REDACTED* he tells a story that is beautiful and complex.

Artist & Co-Founder of Arvada Creatives & Co.